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Our CSR commitments

"Acting as a trusted partner to make the world safer, more sustainable and source of shared progress": this is our Group's corporate purpose. It is the basis for the actions we take on behalf of our employees and customers in the areas of health, safety and the environment in order to preserve human life and ecosystems.



Philippe Maillard CEO of Apave Group

We are convinced that safety is the foundation of any progress that must be sustainable and contribute to preserving the lives of people and ecosystems.
Indeed, preventing, controlling and mastering risks of any kind makes it possible to guarantee performance and support innovation. This is the starting point for our actions, our strategic choices and the development of our activities.


This is why we put our expertise and our solutions at the service of our clients.

Our objective:

  • To enable them to:

- comply with regulations

- to secure industrial production assets

  • And above all :

- guarantee the safety of their employees, service providers and customers

- protect tomorrow's resources, whether environmental, societal or economic


Apave has adopted a code of ethics that applies to all of the Group's employees and reflects its commitment to strong values: integrity, independence, competence, respect for laws and people, social and environmental responsibility.
Apave is committed to respecting and promoting the principle of non-discrimination in favour of cultural, ethnic and social diversity within its organisation. Thanks to a concerted and evaluated policy, the Group's employees are asserting themselves through their daily actions and professionalism as civic-minded players, both at our clients' sites and in our agencies and locations.

hands filled with soil with a plant

Apave has set itself a “Zero accident” goal, by implementing an active risk prevention policy at all levels of the company:

  • Management and all the managers consider safety as the key to team performance.
  • All Apave employees (agents, administrative staff, functional staff, managers) and external service providers apply our 8 safety principles, on the road, on customers’ premises or on our premises.


In terms of health, we take action to prevent diseases by limiting exposure, particularly to ionising radiation.


In terms of environmental protection, we are committed to:

  • Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and paper consumption.
  • Encouraging all local environmental protection initiatives.

Our social


Apave implements a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy that aims to continuously improve its performance in this area.
of its performance in this area. This is achieved through :

  • Employee training to maintain their high level of technical expertise and develop their skills and employability
  • Encouraging internal mobility dynamics, contributing to the development of versatility
  • Local actions to support the social and economic development of the regions, including the recruitment of employees and work-study students or the reception of trainees with a view to passing on know-how.


The Apave group makes it a point of honour to focus its efforts on gender equality

Overall score for the Gender Equality Index 2022: 93/100


Indicator scores :

  • Pay gap: 38/40
  • Individual increase gap: 20/20
  • Promotion gap: 15/15
  • Percentage of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Number of employees of the under-represented gender in the top 10: 5/10

Our environmental


Environmental protection, through the management of environmental risks, is at the heart of our business. Apave implements a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy that includes pollution prevention, energy and natural resource optimisation and waste management. Apave has begun a gradual move away from its internal data centres to external data centres that are fully redundant and secure against power loss. Constant efforts are being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing clean vehicles in the fleet and making remote meetings permanent, thereby limiting travel.
100% paper consumed comes from sustainably managed forests, 50 tonnes paper saved since 2019, 10,17GWh of electricity consumption

Our social and ethical


Apave is committed to ensuring that its development reconciles economic, social and environmental progress. Apave has adopted a code of ethics that applies to all Group employees and reflects its commitment to strong values: integrity, independence, competence, respect for laws and people, social and environmental responsibility.

CSR Report 2021

The Apave Group has gradually adapted to the new risks and expectations of its customers, in order to be able to constantly support them in their primary challenges, which are the safety of people, property, the environment and, today, digital technology.
Apave has also made these changes its own. Humbly and resolutely, we are taking our share of responsibility and committing ourselves to act to fight climate change and support social transitions.
climate change, and to support the social and societal transitions that lie ahead.


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CSR Report 2021

GHG balance sheet 2021

Find out our greenhouse gas emissions balance (direct and indirect emissions) for 2021.

The issue of sustainability and the environmental footprint of activities has a profound impact on Apave's operations. This report makes it possible to :

  • Structure our environmental policy
  • Identify actions to reduce our energy bill and our overall impact
  • Assess our vulnerability
  • Respond to regulations
  • Involve our employees and partners through this exercise

Download the report download

Greenhouse gas emissions balance 2021

Apave has a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) report for each of its structures:


Apave is committed :

  • To the prevention of HSE and pollution risks
  • Respecting the MASE, CEFRI-E, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards
  • Being informed of regulations and other compliance obligations, applying them and verifying their application
  • To pursue its continuous improvement approach


To meet these commitments, Apave sets annual HSE objectives defined during management reviews.


Download the HSE policy download