Our Customers

Apave Aeroservices activities are international by nature. We are proud to be the advisers and service providers of some of the most well-known aviation organisations in Europe, and thus contributing to promote European aviation safety standards and European aviation industries on the international markets.

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Why choosing

Apave Aeroservices?

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International reach

Apave development has resulted in a network of about 40 international subsidiaries and with 20% of its 12.400 workforce and revenues coming from abroad. Apave Aeroservices is international by nature and rely on our shareholder’s commitment to further develop the proximity to our aviation customers.
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Apave Group is known for its historic associative culture. Apave Aeroservices is independent from any financial or industrial stakeholders, making it a trustful and reliable third party for risks assessment and risks management. Our core values are integrity, expertise and customer satisfaction.
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Service oriented

Apave Aeroservices is able to provide you with an access to one of the best and largest team of civil and military aviation safety experts available in Europe. Our SME and project managers respond quickly to your requests to identify your needs and to address your concerns.