Apave Aeroservices assumes leadership in european consortium for EASA International cooperation projects

Since 2020, Apave Aeroservices is a member of a European Consortium comprising AESA (Spain), SENASA (Spain), CAAi (UK) and EGIS (France) that has been selected for a 4-year framework service contract by EASA for “Aviation related consultancy in support to International Cooperation activities”. Starting from September 2023 and succeeding EGIS, Apave Aeroservices takes the lead of the Consortium, beginning a new role in these European collaborative projects.

EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) is promoting European interests outside the European Union and in this respect those of the European aviation industry. The European Commission, alongside with EASA, supports an increasing number of foreign countries choosing to align with European aviation regulations, and their wish to improve their oversight capabilities.


EASA’s international cooperation activities involve the provision of services outside the European Union in a vast number of countries around the world. Scope of services include aviation domains such as Legislation, Organisation, Safety Management, Licensing, Aircraft operations, Production and Design, Continuing airworthiness, Accident and Incident Investigation, ATM/ANS, Aerodromes, Environment, Security and Drones. They therefore go beyond EASA’s remit of aviation safety and environmental protection.


Apave consortium offers not only the relevant technical competencies but also the skills and experience necessary to implement projects in working/cultural environments which are very different across the globe, as well as a wide variety of language competencies.

représentation avion 3D modelisé
représentation avion 3D modelisé

These activities are encompassed by a 4-year framework contract valued 21.6 MEUR awarded by EASA to three consortia of european private and public organisations, including Apave led consortium.


From September 2023, Apave Aeroservices has taken on the role of consortium leader, succeeding EGIS. This role involves coordinating our consortium’s member entities and serving as the primary liaison, communicating with EASA on behalf of the entire consortium. The leadership position is a strategic responsibility that involves steering collaborative initiatives, facilitating effective communication among members, and ensuring that the consortium's collective expertise is harnessed to meet EASA's standards.


Apave Aeroservices' new leadership role in this European Consortium within the EASA International Cooperation Projects is a reflection of the company's commitment to collaborative efforts in the aviation community, striving for the enhancement of aviation safety.

Our partners and members

of our consortium

AESA (State Aviation Safety and Security Agency of Spain)

Is the Spanish National Aviation Authority (NAA) AESA is an organisation specialised in aviation safety and security oversight with a great international projection collaborating, coordinating, or leading cooperation programs worldwide and achieving international recognition in supporting tasks to other national civil aviation authorities.


Apave Aeroservices

Since 2009 Apave Aeroservices is Apave Group centre of excellence to provide risk and safety management solutions to the civil and military Aviation community. Our mission is to work on raising aviation safety standards and efficiency. Apave Aeroservices supports our customers improving the performance of their organisation, improving the efficiency of their Safety Management Systems and developing the expertise of their personnel.


CAA International (CAAi)

Is the technical cooperation arm of the UK Civil Aviation Authority. CAAi provides regulatory advice, training, capacity building programmes and examination services to aviation regulators and industry organisations across the globe. Drawing on world-leading expertise from within the UK regulator, CAAi helps organisations design and implement regulatory best practice to comply with international regulatory standards.



Is an internationally recognised consulting and engineering company in the aviation sector. The company has grown its reputation through 50 years of experience in the world and a long track-record of successful projects. Egis has a cross-industry approach that addresses the needs of almost every stakeholder in over 100 countries : from aviation authorities; airport operators; air navigation service providers; aircraft manufacturers to airlines.


SENASA (Servicios y Estudios para la Navegación Aérea y la Seguridad Aeronáutica)

Is a Spanish Government owned company committed to aviation safety through the provision of training and consultancy services in support of aviation authorities. Their portfolio of services include SMS/SSP management and implementation, safety oversight (certifications and continuous surveillance) in the fields of Airworthiness (Initial and Continuous), Flight Operations, ANS/Airports oversight, Security oversight and Environment.


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