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Safety Audit

On the request of companies in the oil & gas industries, Apave Aeroservices has developed in the early 2010s a service called “safety audits”. This service was designed to assess the safety performance of air operators, chartered to transport the personnel of oil & gas companies in remote areas. It aims at evaluating risks and is a tool for decision making process in their choice to select or not an aircraft operator.

To perform such services, Apave Aeroservices has developed in-house check lists based on regulatory compliance but also on the safety performance. A complete report over the targeted air operator is then delivered, including an executive summary presenting the overall evaluation and risks areas supported by a range of simple and easy reading indicators.


Apave Aeroservices introduces its

RBSR© (Risk Based Safety Review)

More recently Apave Aeroservices has launched its RBSR© (Risk Based Safety Review) that is conducted through preliminary documentation review, interviews, observations, collection of evidences and aircraft inspections. RBSR© is not only based on regulatory compliance but also on the actual safety exposure and risk level of an operator.


Target of our RBSR © is to assess the level of an operator’s safety, based on Apave Aeroservices in-house developed questionnaires of 13 different airline’s domains and using “Farmer” Risk Matrix :

  • Organisation & Management
  • Quality
  • SMS
  • Airworthiness Management
  • Maintenance
  • Spare Parts & Storage
  • Ground Operations (handling)
  • Ground Operations (OCC)
  • Flight Operations
  • Maintenance Staff & Flight Crew Training
  • Security plus Aircraft Inspection


The Operator is given a starting capital of 400 points (split over 13 domains), that will be penalized for each identified non-compliance and/or risk affecting safety. The auditee is also questioned about its working environment (office, workshop…) which also makes possible to evaluate his working place and the tools or devices made available for the duties.

Our RBSR © enables to quickly identify the airline’s weaknesses, thus allowing more time to be spent on the identified key safety issues. It also provides clear numerical and percentage outcomes which are highlighted on a graphic type "spider“ for easy and quick understanding.

Did you know ?

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, EASA had to rethink its way of conducting standardisation activities. As significant travel and gatherings’ restrictions were put in place, the Agency re-focused its priorities on continuous monitoring, in order to detect and address any emerging safety issue as a consequence of the crisis.

The final report will be very clearly understandable, including an executive summary and based on visual and quantifiable items.


A corrective action plan will then be drafted with focus on key priorities and underlining safety and productivity gains.


In 2020 Apave Aeroservices has been selected for a 4-year Framework Contract by TOTAL ENERGIES to provide safety audits capabilities, assessing the safety level of fixed-wings and rotary wings aircraft operators in countries, where aviation oversight capabilities are below International standards.

Our RBSR has already been implemented in the frame of safety audits and safety reviews performed at dozen of civil and military fixed and rotary-wing aircraft operators worldwide.

Why choosing

Apave Aeroservices?

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International reach

Apave development has resulted in a network of about 40 international subsidiaries and with 20% of its 12.400 workforce and revenues coming from abroad. Apave Aeroservices is international by nature and rely on our shareholder’s commitment to further develop the proximity to our aviation customers.
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Apave Group is known for its historic associative culture. Apave Aeroservices is independent from any financial or industrial stakeholders, making it a trustful and reliable third party for risks assessment and risks management. Our core values are integrity, expertise and customer satisfaction.
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Service oriented

Apave Aeroservices is able to provide you with an access to one of the best and largest team of civil and military aviation safety experts available in Europe. Our SME and project managers respond quickly to your requests to identify your needs and to address your concerns.