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Created in 1867, APAVE constitutes today much more than a simple French group.
It’s a very large network to which more than 200,000 customers have recourse to in order to reduce their risks. 10,000 professionals of risk control, including 8,000 engineers and technicians, are, every day, proud to undertake this trust mission, from 50 countries, 130 agencies, and 31 laboratories and 170 training centers.

APAVE is active in the Middle East and Gulf region since 1994, with the regional subsidiaries of Apave International.

lt presents today a global offer of technical and intellectual services, the most complete of the market, in order to satisfy the needs of its customers in all the fields of activity: organizations, communities, industries, health institutions, entertainment & services, buildings and goods management, distribution, transport, logistics, energy...

APAVE is structured in five divisions, covering together five fields of activities aiming at optimizing the organizations performances and improving the safety of persons and goods:

  • Technical Control of Building
  • Inspection and Technical Assistance
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Testing and Measurements

On the other hand, APAVE has also built solid relationships with local and national public institutions.
Apave, has always been and remains an active member of the Lebanese Standards institution- LlBNOR - participating in the different technical committees studying, evaluating and publishing Lebanese and international standards.
This commitment at the national level has also been highlighted by the selection of Apave as an accredited body by different Lebanese ministries:

  • The Ministry of Public Health, for Hospitals Accreditation
  • The Ministry of Transport and Public Works, for application of Decree #7964 (Technical Control) 
  • The Ministry of Energy and Water, for the inspection of artesian wells


Apave Lebanon

Regional office

Address: Furn El Chebbak, Tahwita Highway, Nohra Bldg, 2nd floor

PO Box 16-5806 BEIRUT

Phone: 009611295010 / 00961-1-283072

Access map


Dam &Farz area - Facing Order of Engineers Bldg, 3rd Flr 

PO Box 16-5806 TRIPOLI


Our activities

Picto inspection

Technical Control of Buildings

Technical control of construction sites, safety of persons and protection of goods, technical diagnosis, expertise in property development and civil engineering…
For several years, the Technical Control activity has been in constant progress, representing an important development pole. The interventions of APAVE's engineers are conducted on industrial premises, as well as on residential buildings and other public buildings.

These missions concern the solidity of works, the safety of persons, the functioning of technical installations, the soil foundation and shoring as well as the acoustic and thermal insulation.

The technical control on construction  sites is applied throughout the whole duration of a project, beginning from the design phase in order to contribute to the prevention of conceptual technical hazards, but also during the execution phase and till the end of works.

The risk control also includes the seismic prevention and the fire safety, where APAVE offers numerous missions relevant to the safety of persons and goods and such requirements are integrated since the design phase of a building.

These missions also include the verification of lightning protection systems, the determination of zones with high explosion risks or with environmental pollution risk.

Ln addition, Apave accompanies the initiatives of conservation and protection of the environment through international certifications (LEED, BREEAM) or national ones (ARZ, BRS).
Part of the technical control missions, disabled persons accessibility is at the heart of Apave's concerns. For this reason, a special label was created to mark all buildings controlled by our engineers and that are compliant with national and/or international accessibility regulations and standards.

Apave is proud to be one of the first technical inspection offices accredited in Lebanon, classified in the 1st category, by decision #1139 of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Works.

By this accreditation, Apave ensures the implementation of the Decree #7964 making technical control an obligatory passage for the construction of a class of buildings. This step is considered to be a consolidation of the principles of the quality within the construction industry.

Picto inspection

Inspection and Technical Assistance

Thanks to its experience, knowledge of regulatory trends and technological expertise, APAVE helps its customers to ensure compliance of their equipment Installations or processes with different norms or national and international standards.

As a third party organization,  APAVE helps firms in taking adequate preventive safety actions by offering periodic  technical control missions on various equipment  and installations such as electrical installations, mechanical equipment (lifting, lifts, machinery), pressure vessels (autoclave. boilers, tanks), heating installations (heaters, air conditioning), firefighting installation (detection, alarm, sprinkler)...

In parallel to their periodic verification activities, the inspectors and experts of APAVE anticipate the organization's needs in order to better satisfy new risk control requirements.

APAVE interventions also include the assistance of consultants and contractors on industrial projects via an onsite pre-shipment inspection or even product inspection at reception based on pre-defined specifications.  This third party assistance I inspection is also applicable for the documents, methods or systems compliance with mandatory procedures required by a certain authority.

Inspection Missions :

  • Electrical Field
  • Electrical inspection
  • Safety inspection for the electrical installations
  • IR thermography inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection

Offshore Missions
Safety inspection for Offshore Pedestal Cranes
Oil & Gas Services

Through our international network, Apave works on large-scale projects in the energy and oil and gas sector. Services in the sector:

  • Non-destructive testing:
             -  Radiography and digital radiography
             -  TOFD, Phased ray, lRlS, EDDY current
             -  MT, PT, VT, UT , ET, LT
             -  Infrared thermography
             -  Strain measurements
                   -  Sound emission tests
                   -  Tubular inspection


  • FPSO, MODU inspection
  • ABS/DNVILR certified MODU inspection
  • PSV/PR inspection and certification
  • Hull inspection
  • Rope access (any inspection)

  • Mechanical Field

                 -  Lifting Equipment Safety inspection
                 -  inspection of Elevators & Escalators
                 -  inspection of Steam Boilers


  • Health & Safety

                 -  Measurement of EMF levels to insure human  safety
                 -  Asbestos identification


  • Airline Safety  Assessment

  • Energy Audits For Existing Buildings
  • Energy Conservation Code Compliance
  • Commissioning for New Constructions

Picto consulting


Beyond diagnosis and establishment of action plans, practical implementation of those plans and their outputs assessment constitute a natural continuation of the consultancy activity.

Thus, identifying changes to be undertaken is only a first step. Piloting the changes and validating them on site constitute a real way of verifying the efficiency of the consultancy in all its dimensions.
Just like quality, issues such as environment, food safety, occupational health & safety, energy, and corporate social responsibility, constitute critical issues for organizations, public authorities, as much as for civil society and individuals.

From impact assessment and risk analysis till requirements of International Standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), APAVE assists organizations, and particular industries, in including these constraints in their daily activities.

Combining the search for economic performance with environment conservation and client’s satisfaction,   the coaching approach at .APAVE follows the sustainable development perspective in which we assist clients expressing such needs.

  • Implementation of ISO 9001
  • Implementation of ISO 45001
  • Implementation of ISO 14001
  • Implementation of ISO 22000
  • Implementation of ISO 26000
  • Implementation of ISO 50001
  • Mainta 
  • Food Safety  Third Party Audit Inspection
  • Restructuring & Reengineering of Processes


Picto Formation


Since 2004.  Apave responds to any training request by providing a service that develops the performance of employees.
Our approach is to integrate the growth objectives of companies into a bespoke training program. From in-house and customized training sessions to organized training programs within the framework of an annual training plan, Apave offers a complete and adjustable range of training services covering various fields such as:

  • design
  • construction
  • electrical installation
  • production
  • maintenance
  • competencies
  • management
  • organization
  • safety of persons & goods
  • food safety
  • environment - etc.

Considered as the first technical training provider in Lebanon. Apave has also attracted participants from other countries in the MENA region such as Syria, iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, KSA etc. This attraction comes from the fact that we give priority to practical skills development through   quality-based approaches.

Furthermore, Apave assists companies with the logistics and management of their training needs, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Every year since 2004, Apave training team designs an annual training catalog, comprising more than thirty different  topics,  based on values directly oriented towards enhancing operational efficiency, integration of technological advancements, risk management awareness, development of competencies, etc.

These open trainings, organized in Apave's training center in Beirut, bring together the various market actors over a common theme, creating an opportunity to share experience and know-how.

  • Safety Trainings
  • Management Trainings
  • Skills Development Trainings
  • Food Safety Trainings
  • Environmental and Sustainability Trainings
  • Construction Trainings


Picto Essais et Mesures

Testing and Measurements

Organizations and communities are more than ever committed in systematic processes seeking reliability and development of quality. Thanks to its access to the APAVE Group network, APAVE offices in the Middle East provide their customers with accredited laboratories, measurement centers as well as the combined expertise of their engineers and technicians.
Missions are conducted in different fields as varied as environmental measurements, material analysis, and performance testing on products.
Within the frame of environmental analysis, APAVE services take into consideration measurement of air emissions (dioxins, total hydrocarbons, oxides...), waste analysis, and soil analysis as well as the measurement and recording of acoustic levels, vibrations and waste water analysis.
In parallel, testing relevant to the workers and public protection are part of the offered services such as measurement of working atmosphere, asbestos & lead detection, legionella detection, etc…

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