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key issues

The major challenges facing the automotive industry are numerous and include in particular :  

  • innovation, particularly in terms of engines that comply with environmental standards
  • improving or even optimising industrial processes within a global context
  • integrating new energies such as hydrogen or electricity while guaranteeing the best level of performance and safety
  • ensuring compliance with local and international regulatory constraints for the safety of personnel and equipment
  • the development of electric mobility and EVCs
  • training teams to prevent physical and chemical risks
  • ensuring the safety of the equipment used as well as their strength and durability 
  • certification of systems and equipment 

Did you know ?

In Europe, car manufacturers will have to pay a fine if their vehicle fleet exceeds a certain CO2 emission threshold. This is a strong incentive to produce small vehicles or electric vehicles.

The Apave global offer

meets your challenges

Trusted third-party partners, the Apave experts partner with players in the automotive industry to help them meet the new challenges they face in complete safety.

Research & Development

You are an Industrial Director/Manager, Operations Director/Manager or Technical Manager

Apave is your partner for your industrial projects and your daily operations in complete safety, in particular for :

  • regulatory checks on your facilities

  • non-destructive tests to make your equipment more reliable 

  • structure monitoring  

  • digital management of your maintenance performance 

  • technical support for your hydrogen/electric mobility projects

  • health and safety training for your teams

  • certification of products

  • materials testing and measurement

  • compliance and performance of your buildings and infrastructures

Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development

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for each customer, we set up a project manager and a multidisciplinary team to take into account all the aspects of your activity as well as all the impacts related to risk management, working closely with you in an efficient and pragmatic way.

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to put our expertise at the service of your innovations

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Geared towards progress, for a safer and more sustainable world. It is in our DNA is to provide a high level of technicality while guaranteeing the best project management given your particular context, your objectives and your operational constraints, while integrating local regulatory requirements.

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